Transform your Neonatal ICU with IOT

Improving Neonatal ICU & Pediatric care with Advanced technology


About Axoneo

A purpose built software by Doctors, for Doctors.

Are you looking for a solution to help you monitor and manage your NICU patients more efficiently and effectively?

Our IoT integrated solution is designed to do just that.

Meeting the demand of Neonatal care

There are several challenges faced by Neonatal care and trying to overcoming the challenges of limited resources and staffing.

Streamlining Neonatal care with Advanced technology is very important to handle the current demand

Growing Demand

For Neonatal Care



Need for Advanced Tech

to improve Patient outcomes



Information Retrieval

to improve Patient outcomes

Need for Automation

Reduce Errors

Patient Benefits

Improved outcomes and patient satisfaction

        More frequent monitoring , Early detection of complications , Reduced risk , Increased comfort , Reduced stress for patients and families

Empower Doctors
  • Remote monitoring
  • Advanced Data Insights
  • Reporting capabilities

Streamlining Workflow and Improving Efficiencies

Increased Satisfaction
  • Seamlessly Integrate with existing system
  • Increased Patient satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Minimising Disruption & Maximising ROI
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Enhancing NICU care with IoMT

  • Digital revolution to transform Neonatal and Pediatric care
  • Starting from Admissions, capturing daily events till discharge summaries
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Growth charts, annual indicators & reports
  • Data Analytics – A vision for algorithm based predictive neonatal protocols

How it works?

IoMT device is connected to the ICU equipment to transfer the data to software and enables EMR and remote monitoring.

Data collected by IOT from Ventilators, Monitors, Syringe Pumps

IoMT in our ICU


EMR & charting

  • Data Collection and Transmission
  • EMR records
  • Growth charts, All in one charts
  • User Interface and Analytics
  • Monitoring & Reporting

A Complete NICU Solution

All in one place. Everything that you need to collect, Analyze and monitor

Predictive analysis with Hero Score

  • Predictive score for each baby
  • Score is higher for the babies which are likely to collapse and needs more attention
  • We are in the process of collecting more data to perform more analysis
  • 3,600 data points per hour

  • 86,400 data points per day

  • Can implement Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

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